How To Empower And Enlighten?


International Literacy Day is observed every year on 8th September since 1965 by UNESCO with a new mission Literacy and Empowerment is the theme for the year 20092011

Since its very inception, this day became a special occasion to mark literacy awareness and many educational programs featured this particular day in their year round events.Literacy and Empowerment is the theme for the year 2009-2011.
Let’s have a look at what literacy means

Empowerment & enlightenment

Empowerment is a kind of personal power which comes with literacy. Empowerment is more than simply getting literate. Empowerment is an awakening to grace which gives a broader perspective of thinking and helps in the development of individual and society as a whole.
Literacy is considered as an effective way to enlighten a society and arm it to facing the challenges of life in a stronger and efficient way, raise the level of personal living, create and assist change the society.
What we can do?
We can also contribute to the society by educating people. Mind it, we just don’t have to teach the language and calculations but have to develop their perspective and empower them with thoughts which could arm them to face any challenges of life in an efficient way help them lead a quality life.
Try these suggested three steps to empowerment
Step 1
Read things that teach you something new. Learning improves your thought process and widens your cognitive frame.  This helps in blurring the traditional frames which are hindering your success. Read the scientific reasons behind superstitions customs and uproot its roots out of your mind and then spread the same.
Step 2
Don’t limit yourself to the bookish knowledge; learn by discussing things with anyone and everyone. Try to take the views of those who don’t think on the same lines as you do. This will make you gain things in an unconventional manner and trust me it will be long lasting in your mind and makes things easier to understand. For this attend seminars and participate in group discussions.
Step 3
Disseminate what you have learned using different media. Spread awareness through theatre if and you can use brochures, pamphlets with detailed information. Choose the topic of your interest. For example AIDS awareness or any social stigma.

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